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The Girl with the
Golden Ribbon

An epic fairy tale about a girl cursed at birth by a wizard, and promised to a dark prince in the kingdom of Sirus, a star. Damien's heart is black but not as dark as his brother, Lucifer. Lucifer wants her. It was the year two thousand, a time when witches, wizards, and demons could enter the earth and wreak havoc. That's when Stephanie Stratford, the privileged daugher of Judge Daniel Stratford found the black book written by a feathered pen. When she opens the book the curse is unleashed. Bewitched by the book, and mesmorized by a picture of the dark prince, Stephanie's fairy tale life changes drastically. Demons are released when her star-crossed love, Thomas Shrock, attempts to break the curse with an exorcism. Sawyer Rhodes, a handsome Mennonite rogue adds fuel to the fire when he saves her from certain death. And Richard Cooper, a handsome ruthless attorney, muddies the waters. He's powerful, but not more powerful than the wizard's curse. When Stephanie is cast into the eighteenth century at Ludwig Castle, her handmaiden tells her she must bend to Damien's demands or risk being flogged and thrown into the dungeon. Danger lurks in the castle.  Bella, Damien's wench, Bella Franz, overcome by jealousy threatens to poison her. The choice Stephanie makes at the Masquerade will determine her fate. There's no way out...unless she chooses...



Nettle Rose

A story about a young girl's dream, and an old mansion that holds the only thing she has left in the world-- memories of her family.


Twenty-one-year-old Tess McKinnon has just graduated from college with a teaching degree.  She is an astonishing beauty with an unquenchable spirit to survive. She has just buried her mother, her last living relative, and her bank account is dwindling. She returns to Nettle Rose, an old mansion that was once a bed and breakfast, to begin her new life. To continue to live, she will need all of her resources--and a stroke of luck.


Tess wasn't looking for a man, but a romance quickly developed with Sawyer Rhodes, her neighbor. She falls in love with his charm and easy smile. Together, they restore the sprawling estate where ghosts of her childhood still roam the corridors. 

But Sawyer has secrets. The truth is revealed at a dinner party when Stephanie Stratford shows a more than normal interest in him, and he doesn't discourage her affections. Stephanie's involvement with witchcraft both frightens and fascinates Tess.  

Tess is befuddled when Richard Cooper, an attorney for the estate, propositions her to become his mistress. He's charismatic, powerful, and irresistible. A triangle develops. 

Tess faces her demons when her stepfather, Mac Reardon returns. When he pulls her into his madness, she fights for her life. She's not alone....ghosts of her past return.


Book no.1
Book Two
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