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Ghosts from the past who came alive to live again in The Meg Anne Brighton Brier Hill Series.

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Hedy and John Brighton

Stephanie's grandmother, Hedy Brighton. Through Hedy, I laid the foundation for the novel. It was Hedy who taught Stephanie to believe in fairy tales.  When she died, she left her entire estate and Brighton House to Stephanie. She's buried in the old family plot, a half mile from Stratford Place, the original family home that she inherited from her first husband, Daniel Stratford II. She married her second husband, John Brighton a few months after Daniel died. She met him on a cruise where she had gone to heal her broken heart. John swept her off her feet, and they were married in the gazebo at Stratford place three months later. He built Brighton House after he awoke to Daniel's ghost standing over him.  The house was constructed on the estate in a clearing surrounded by tall pines, below Stratford Place. Hedy gave Stratford Place to her grown son, Daniel Stratford III.

John Brighton was a lover, romantic, and generous with old money he had inherited. He lavished Hedy with exquisite jewelry and furnished Brighton House with antiques brought from Europe.  

Their dress is from the early nineteen hundreds.  The bow tie shows John's dapper side.  His detachable collar is three inches wide and stiff, unlike the men in the other pictures whose collars are rounded. 

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