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Love, Betrayal, Lust, Suspense.   From the dust of a country road in Charm, Ohio comes a love story that you will never forget.  Tess of Owl Creek, is the story of Tess McKinnon, a school teacher, and Sawyer Rhodes, a Mennonite. 

Tess, at age twenty-two had just buried her mother, her last living relative. She was going home, back to Owl Creek to the old family log cabin where she belonged. The carpet bag swung to and fro in one hand, and the other gripped a black quilted  bag that held her computer. She wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her hand, and listened to the sound of her dog, Buddy, panting as he ran along beside her. A dark, handsome man driving a black, shiny SUV stopped to pick her up.  He didn't look dangerous.  Buddy wagged his tale. He was all dressed in black.  His name was Sawyer Rhodes, he was a Mennonite.  She did what her mother had always told her not to do.  She got in the car with a stranger.  


A dark tale. Stephanie Stratford lived a quiet life in Brier Hill County until she inherited her grandmother's vast country estate.  That's when she found The Black Book, penned by The Feathered Pen.  She believed it was a fairy tale until strange dreams began to haunt her. A raven spread black ribbons in her path creating doubt.  Forsaken by her true love, and betrayed by another, she struggles to find her truth.  Cursed by a Wizard at birth, and cast into the eighteenth century with a dark prince, her handmaiden, Lillian, tells her there is only one way out.  She must make a deal with Lucifer.

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